Ethylene-absorbing filters

KEEPCOOL pro filters

KEEPCOOL pro patented filters come in waterproof packaging that is air and water-vapour permeable. It is very durable and difficult to rip, making it great in terms of safety as well as filtration efficacy. KEEPCOOL pro are vacuum-packed individually for optimal preservation. They have the highest ethylene-absorption power on the market

It is the most effective absorbent  for proper storage of fruit and vegetables, as its core quality is its great power to absorb the ethylene given off by produce when it begins to ripen, transforming it into CO2 that destroys bacteria and water, which prevents dehydration.

It is a non-additive preservative that purifies the air without leaving behind any sort of residue. It is non-toxic and isn’t harmful to people’s health or the produce.

With the KF pro filters and M-CAM machines, we improve and purify the air in storages areas with fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. This prevents weight-loss and preserves the smell, taste, appearance and texture of the produce longer.

With our range of KC pro filters, we resolve the issues of shipping fruit, vegetables and cut flowers by any form of transport, to any destination. So, they’re the perfect travel companions for imports and/or exports.

The new KS sachets provide ongoing protection throughout the distribution chain for fruit, vegetables and flowers that have been processed or arranged, ensuring customers receive their products in nearly the same state as when they were originally put together.

KEEPCOOL ethylene filters should be replaced regularly, depending on the ethylene levels in the produce.
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