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Nuevas Tecnologías Agroalimentarias was established in 2015 after detecting that the region of Murcia needed to find new markets for its fruit and vegetables after the sanctions against Russia.

CEO Juan José Caravaca had a project left unfinished since 1998 and, seeing the need to preserve fruit, vegetables and flowers today, finished his research and relaunched the project.

To address the issue of storing and preserving fresh fruit and produce, he designed and manufactured machines with his own technology and patented a formula for his filters.
This way, he has come up with a solution to preserve and transport fruit, vegetables and flowers.

In its first year, the company patented its KEEPCOOL filters and was granted organic certification. Also that year, before even selling any products, the project was chosen as one of the finalists for the La Caixa Emprendedor XXI Award, as one of the companies with the greatest future projection.

Creation of the company.

The first filter we launched were the KC y KF for storages that then had to transport the goods in a refrigerated truck.

First  M-CAM 200 was manufactured.

First agreement achieved was with a stainless Manufacturer.

We were able to present all documents to Patent our product.

We launched the improved version of M-CAM (500, 1000 y 1500) so we could supply to any size of refrigerated storage.

We were granted the Patent ES2548787 for our product on the 9th of August 2016.

We were accredited INSUMO which means our product can be used in organic farming use from INTERECO.

Collaboration agreement with Tecnidex Fruit Protection S.A.

We elaborated the formula to keep fresh cut flowers alive for much longer period.

We started using a new paper for our KC y KF filters.

We launched the first sachets KS20 y KS8.

Strategic agreement for the packaging of our products.

Improvement of the M-CAM machine.

Our filters achived CAAE certification to be used in any ecological product.

New M-CAM 50 machine.

We gained collaboration agreements with companies in others countries.

We created the first M-CAM waterproof machine.

We are waiting to get approval on our second Patent for the M-CAM machines.

We have started to elaborate our home solution with our filters.

New KS2 sachets have been made.

Improved M-CAM GS 300.

A new patent has been submitted for another M-CAM machines.

Comercial agreement with Mexico, Argentina, Canarias, Arabia Saudí, Madeira, Cape Verde y Azores.

New design and formulated KEEPCOOL filters.


En KEEPCOOL estamos comprometidos con el mundo que nos rodea.

Queremos aportar nuestro granito de arena para crear una mejor sociedad, con menos desigualdad y más oportunidades.

Colaboramos con el Banco de Alimentos de Alicante
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